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Anonymous Auto Insurance Quotes | The bank rate

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Anonymous auto insurance quotes may sound appealing in the sense of protecting your personal information, but doing so can result in very inaccurate rate information. Trying to compile an auto insurance estimate without personal information is difficult for insurers to do and will result in a rate that is unlikely to be what you would actually pay for auto insurance. However, some quote tools require less information than others. If you are looking for auto insurance and want to keep your personal information private, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Keep in mind that quotes are estimates based on the information provided and final figures may vary depending on the supplier and your specific life circumstances.

What information do insurance companies typically need to get a quote?

In most situations, auto insurers require a handful of personalized details when providing rates for recommended coverage. Examining these variables helps the insurance company estimate the financial risk associated with insuring a particular customer and vehicle.

  • Age – Different age demographics have associated a statistical likelihood of having a car crash, committing a traffic violation, or receiving a traffic ticket. In general, younger and older drivers have higher average chances of these incidents and are more expensive to insure. Hawaii is the only state that prohibits age as an assessment factor.
  • Driving Record – Driving history is one of the primary indicators of a driver’s performance on the road. The more tickets or accidents a person has had, the more likely it is that the trend will continue. This can affect a person’s cost of insurance and is an important factor in determining rates, as it directly affects the likelihood that an insurer will have to pay for a costly claim.
  • Driver’s License – Your driver’s license serves both as proof of identity and as proof that you are legally authorized to drive. While this doesn’t necessarily affect your quote, it is often necessary to get a quote.
  • Address – Where you live can have a noticeable impact on the likelihood of vehicle theft and the chances of having a car accident. These factors can contribute to higher or lower premiums depending on the risk associated with your postal code. Five states prohibit the use of postal codes as an assessment factor: CA, HI, MA, MI and WA
  • Vehicle Information – The make and model of your car, along with its VIN, is usually required. Different vehicles have different safety ratings and repair and replacement costs. All of these variables determine the cost of insuring a car.
  • Limits and Types of Coverage – Before getting a quote, the business needs to know what level of protection you want. The type of coverage (collision, civil liability, multi-risk or others) and the limits of these coverages are necessary to calculate a quote.

Can you get an anonymous auto insurance quote?

While you can try to submit a quote with a few details omitted, it is difficult to get car insurance quotes without giving out personal information, let alone an accurate quote. When the premiums are calculated, the formula is based primarily on your personal information and background. Details such as your driving record, age, address, insurance score, vehicle and others contribute to these calculations. From an insurance company’s perspective, it would be considered inaccurate to offer anonymous auto insurance quotes, knowing that the actual cost of your policy is based on your undisclosed factors.

This inaccurate quote could mislead people into believing that their rate would be higher or lower than it actually would be, once all the details relevant to the quote are actually disclosed. Imagine receiving an anonymous quote for a relatively low price, then asking the police and ending up with a higher price. Since “anonymous quotes” or quotes without personal details would inevitably be less precise, most quote tools require a basic level of information to be able to be submitted online. It helps define the expectations of everyone involved.

How to get an anonymous insurance quote?

There are two ways to get an anonymous auto insurance quote. You may be able to find a company that allows it, or your second option would be to use a website comparison tool that will find these companies for you.

Find a company that allows it

Some auto insurance companies will allow you to get quotes using minimal information. Despite this, some essential details are still commonly required. Items like age, zip code, and driving record are usually required, even for drivers who want to remain as anonymous as possible. With these variables, some companies can provide reasonably accurate quotes.

Use a comparison site

Websites and comparison tools can use minimal information to quickly gather quotes from multiple insurance providers. These websites often use the same basic information as individual businesses, which means you will still need to provide your postcode, age, and basic driving history. Then the comparison website will query many companies with this information to provide you with a list of competing quotes.

What to do after getting an anonymous auto insurance quote?

Once you’ve selected a quote and the company offering it, keep a copy handy for reference when applying for your policy. It serves more as a guide for the types and limits of coverage you have selected.

Without having all the details at hand, your quote will likely differ from the final cost. Quotes are not binding agreements but estimates of expected costs based on the information available at that time. When you sit down with the company, you will need to provide them with all the necessary information that has not already been obtained. While quotes can sometimes be obtained with a certain level of anonymity, obtaining actual policies and rates requires details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an anonymous auto insurance quote?

If revealing your personal information when looking for auto insurance makes you uncomfortable, then it would be understandable to look for an anonymous insurance quote option. In general, however, if you are considering a policy and want to know the expected cost, being more detailed in the information you provide will give a more accurate quote.

Who has the best auto insurance?

Depending on your needs and situation, different car insurance companies may be the best. Policies and rates can vary greatly from person to person, depending on personalized factors and the information you provide, which means the best way to find the right auto insurance for you is to compare quotes from several auto insurance companies.

How much does auto insurance typically cost?

Costs vary by location, company and driver. The national average in the United States for a full coverage policy is $ 1,674 per year, based on Bankrate’s 2021 Annual Premiums Study offered by Quadrant Information Services.