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Best Cheap Car Insurance For Teens October 2021 – Forbes Advisor

By on September 29, 2021 0

You won’t be able to avoid a significant fare increase when you add a teenage driver, but there are ways to minimize the blow to your wallet.

Compare the prices. Now is the time to compare auto insurance quotes, especially if you haven’t done so in a few years. For example, among the companies we analyzed in California, the rates for two parents and a 16-year-old ranged from about $ 3,000 per year (Mercury) to almost $ 6,000 per year (CSAA), for one. policy with typical personal injury coverage of $ 100,000. liability coverage per person / $ 300,000 per accident.

Make sure you get discounts. Common teen-related discounts include good student discounts (often given for grades B and above) and, for students living in school without a car, discounts for absent students.

Plus, teen driver insurance programs can offer both a discount and valuable driving skills training. Keeping accidents out of a teenager’s record will certainly protect your rates in the future.

Keep your teenager on your policy. It is generally cheaper to purchase a teenage driver’s car insurance policy for a parent than to purchase their own policy. If in doubt, ask your insurance agent to quote for both scenarios. The quotes are free, so there is no downside to checking which option offers the cheapest auto insurance.

Wait. Auto insurance rates will generally start to drop around the age of 25.

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