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  • Drivers have been warned of rising energy prices as annual car insurance renewals could help

Drivers have been warned of rising energy prices as annual car insurance renewals could help

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To date, the energy price cap has risen by around £623, meaning energy bills are set to rise significantly for millions of households across the UK. But drivers may be able to save money on their energy bills by checking their car insurance rates.

Alex Kindred, auto insurance adjuster at confused.comadvised drivers to find ways to save hundreds of pounds a year on the running costs of their car.

He said: “Energy prices are on the rise, but unfortunately these are costs that cannot be avoided.

“With the addition of things like fuel prices now at record highs, this could be a concern for drivers.

“But never fear, there are still ways to save money when it comes to running a vehicle.

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Monthly budgets can help them budget for the long term, but they will most likely pay interest on top of that.

Regular vehicle maintenance can also help drivers save money, as pointed out by Alex Kindred.

He added: “It is also possible to save on the costs of maintaining your car, which includes technical checks and cleaning.

“It costs around £424 a year, but could be higher if you don’t look after your vehicle.

“If your vehicle needs to pass its MOT, make sure you prepare your vehicle well to avoid breakdowns (and even an expensive bill on top of that if you have to pay for repairs).

“Having your car serviced before its MOT will ensure that your car is safe on the road and that you are not driving illegally.

“If you need repairs, don’t be afraid to get different quotes from reputable garages, as you may also be able to save some money.”

The essential checks are to make sure the lights are working properly, the tires are at the correct pressure and the brakes are working properly.

It is also essential that the vehicle identification number (VIN) matches the car’s logbook number.

With rising energy prices, many drivers have also struggled with rising fuel costs, as evidenced by record high gasoline and diesel prices in recent weeks.

Mr Kindred commented: “Fuel prices are the talk of the town at the moment, with the latest figures showing fuel prices above 163p and 177p for petrol and diesel respectively.

“Our latest research found that two in five (40%) UK drivers are making a conscious effort to drive less in order to save fuel right now.

“By taking some of these steps, you could save money on the overall operation and maintenance of your vehicle.”