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eVision gives advisors a better way to run illustrations with no download required

By on June 22, 2022 0

KINGSTON, ON, June 22, 2022 /CNW/ – The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life) is making it faster and easier for advisors to run insurance illustrations by introducing a new and improved web-based illustrator.

“Our vision was to improve the insurance illustration process to continue to improve the digital life insurance application process,” says Mike Stocks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Retail. “The eVision Insurance Illustrator™ (“eVision”) builds on the success of our familiar Envision web and desktop versions that advisors have used for years and adds additional functionality based on their feedback.”

With a focus on modern, user-friendly design principles, the in-house development team focused on eight major enhancements to streamline an advisor’s ability to run artwork. eVision uses a web-based, mobile-responsive platform that is directly integrated with the popular Fast & Full e-life application process.

New enhancements to eVision Illustrator include:

  • Auto launch two input screens for joint or multi-life policies on the same tab
  • Added a new detailed summary of life insurance taxation for Solution Series term life insurance
  • The owning company is identified earlier in the illustration process
  • A redesigned UI and Summary pane which follows modern design principles and provides a simple, fast and easy user experience
  • Modern, easy-to-read customer reports that can be easily explained to customers, even over the phone
  • Auto stand the top marginal or corporate tax rate by province according to the type of property selected
  • Refreshing summary calculations in real time when artwork input changes occur
  • Provide resolution calculations for both coverage amounts and prime

Since eVision is a web application, no installation or download is required. Ssoftware updates are automatic and always up to date. eVision is accessible from any device or operating system (whether iOS or Windows.)

“We knew building an in-house solution might take longer, but it would give us more flexibility to respond to user feedback more quickly in the future. One of the keys to rapid adoption success and “Advisor performance is that we listen to user feedback and make continuous improvements based on that feedback. The launch of eVision Insurance Illustrator is the latest of over 4,000 enhancements we’ve made since launching our e-app,” says Mr. Stocks.

The company expects that after this launch, even more advisors will use online digital tools, including the new eVision Insurance Illustrator, the Fast & Full Life app and the advisor portal.

About Empire Life:

Established in 1923 and a subsidiary of EL Financial Corporation Limited, Empire Life provides Canadians with individual and group life and health insurance, investment and retirement products. The company’s mission is to make it simple, quick and easy for Canadians to get the products and services they need to build wealth, generate income and achieve financial security. From March, 31st2022 Empire Life had total assets under management of $18.5 billion. Follow us on social media @EmpireLife or visit for more information.

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