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Goodbye Movistar Fusion? New rates would arrive with alarm, health, insurance or flexible TV

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As Antonio Lorenzo explains in elEconomista, Telefónica is “in the phase of analyzing the various options, including a new corporate identity for the future ‘marketplace’ successor to ‘Fusion’”. The Spanish company is studying the incorporation of a series of vertical activities unrelated to connectivity in future packages, both for Movistar customers and for those who are not.

The renewal of the merger

Fusión was launched in 2012 as a set of converged services for fixed and mobile telephony, mobile broadband, fixed Internet access and pay TV. Its arrival on the market ended up causing a mirror effect on other operators, who began to launch similar convergent tariffs.

Movistar Fusion will give way to a new connected home model

While waiting to know the fiscal data for 2021, which will be published next Thursday, it is known that Movistar’s convergent customers have decreased by 3%, with a loss of 43,000 private customers in the third quarter of 2021, while those of merger companies increased by 9%. The flight of individuals could be one of the reasons that led the operator to seek a revitalization of the formula that makes it more difficult to decide to unsubscribe from the company if it in turn has more contracted services.

Pay TV will also continue to be part of the renewal of Fusión, although predictably with a more flexible and open approach than the current one and with the arrival of individualized TV events, excluded from the current grouping of Movistar Plus+ audiovisual content.

More vertical companies

Movistar’s current service offer already has several additional business lines in progress, completely or partially removed from connectivity, such as alarms, health, energy, connected car and finance.

One of the most successful services has been that of Movistar Prosegur Alarmas. which has grown by more than 100,000 customers since its launch in 2021. Another successful convergent business has been the telemedicine service Movistar Healthwhich already exceeds 50,000 customers.

Movistar Prosegur Alarms

Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, one of the most successful business lines

Another service with plenty of room for growth is Movistar carcar connectivity service with 20 GB of data so as not to consume data from your mobile plan, calls to 112 in the event of an accident, search for fines attributed to your license plate, vehicle driving statistics or GPS navigation.

In addition, work has also started on finance and insurance. On the one hand, Money Movistar It is an online loan of up to 7,000 euros for Movistar customers in which you receive the money in 24 or 48 hours and without paying any opening or maintenance fees. It has optional payment protection insurance, which is added to other available coverage such as insurance for mobile phones and tablets (from 1.01 euros per month) or other devices such as Smart TVs, smart watches or consoles (from 2.14 euros per month). months), as well as home insurance with Santa Lucía.