November 23, 2022
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Hughes Associates Inc offers life insurance in College Point and Queens, NY

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Through Hughes Associates, Inc, people can explore a plethora of life insurance policies and ultimately invest in the one that meets their specific needs.

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Glendale, NY — (Release Wire) — 11/10/2022 — Hughes Associates, Inc is an experienced provider of risk management solutions. They provided the car, business, house, life and umbrella insurance in Ridgewood and Queens, New York for more than four decades.

The death of a family member can affect a person’s emotional well-being. This overwhelming situation is compounded if the deceased relative is responsible for the financial stability of the family. Financial problems are the last thing a family needs during a disaster. But unfortunately, the bills keep pouring in after the death of the breadwinner. Making mortgage payments, paying school fees, etc. becomes a huge burden in this situation. So, for the security of their family’s financial future, people should invest in a life insurance plan. Life insurance allows surviving family members to heal from the loss without worrying about financial problems. This not only helps with immediate expenses, but can also help with the burden of long-term costs, such as mortgage payments.

Hughes Associates, Inc. is one of the most trusted providers of life insurance in College Point and Queens, New York. Through them, people can invest in a wide range of life insurance coverage options, such as permanent life insurance, universal life insurance, whole life insurance, and insurance. temporary life. Each of these policies has its particularities and advantages. For example, term life insurance policies are often guaranteed to cover loan debt payments and therefore provide targeted protection for a specific period. On the other hand, permanent and/or universal life insurance policies have a cash value feature with a guaranteed minimum return. Therefore, the policyholder can borrow money against the cash value of the policy in the future. Hughes Associates, Inc. agents help clients identify the perfect life insurance policy for their specific needs.

Call Hughes Associates, Inc. at 516-354-2171.

About Hughes Associates, Inc.
Hughes Associates, Inc is an independent insurance agency serving people in Ridgewood, Arverne, Breezy Point, College Point, Far Rockaway, Howard Beach and surrounding areas.

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