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Jill Scott’s grandmother taught her the importance of life insurance

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  • Jill Scott’s grandmother taught her how to pay monthly bills, including a life insurance policy.
  • Scott told Insider she wanted people to understand that “life insurance isn’t just for the rich.”
  • She said it was “very uncomfortable to leave her family stranded and in debt” when she died.
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Insurance is not a sexy topic. No one wants to sit down and talk about insurance, especially life insurance. I write about it, so I know people usually avoid it until it’s too late. I’m always trying to figure out how to present the topic in a way that invites people to talk about it openly.

Every once in a while something or someone happens that makes insurance attractive. One day while cleaning I heard the Nationwide jingle. I stopped cleaning and I was like, “Has Jill Scott released a new album? OK, Nationwide – I see you.”

It turns out Scott is the new voice of Nationwide’s jingle – “Nationwide is on your side.” I spoke with her to find out why she decided to collaborate with the brand.

Jill Scott’s collaboration with Nationwide was fortuitous

Ramon Jones, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Nationwide, told Insider that since working with Scott, interest in insurance has increased, especially among communities of color.

Jones became chief marketing officer in 2019 and wanted to expand his reach to communities of color. He wanted his first campaign to resonate with Nationwide’s mission of “Protection with Extraordinary Care” to grab people’s attention while depicting real life insurance scenarios, such as teaching your teenager to drive, planning a family, or pay taxes.

Jones wasn’t sure when he decided to ask Scott to collaborate with Nationwide that she had a connection to the brand. Scott told me, “I grew up watching my grandma pay the bills, and she showed me how to pay the bills. She had a Nationwide life insurance policy and was paying the bill every month.

Scott said that although his grandmother only had a sixth grade education, she was smart with the world around her. She worked as a housekeeper for a wealthy family who had the best of everything: Queen Anne furniture and quality clothes with the finest fabrics. Even though his education was limited, Scott’s grandmother recognized the habits of the wealthy family. When her grandmother saw that they had life insurance, she knew if the family had it, then it was important.

“Insurance is for everyone, not just for the rich”

When I asked Scott why it was important for her to be part of the Nationwide Collaboration, she replied, “Insurance is for everyone, not just the rich. She grew up around the elders in the community, and they all had life insurance. When his grandmother passed away, Scott recalls, “We had no trouble burying him or trying to figure out what to do with the house.”

I told Scott that she was lucky to have the wisdom of her grandmother because home insurance and life insurance are generally ways to build generational wealth. A 2021 study by LIMRA and Life Happens found that 66% of African Americans viewed life insurance as mere funeral and burial expenses, and not as a tool for building wealth. Although African Americans are the most confident, many are underinsured, which means they don’t have enough life insurance to replace income, debt, or build wealth.

Scott wants people to know, “Insurance is not beyond your reach and is exceptionally wise for you and your family to have peace of mind. We have

car insurance
because it is necessary. But we don’t think about our lives and take care of ourselves. You cannot count on your health because we do not know the day or the hour when our time is up. It’s super uncomfortable, and the worst thing to leave for your family is stranded and in debt. “

Scott advocates not only for life insurance, but also for home insurance. She told Insider, “By the time my grandma was in her final stages, I bought another house to get them out of the hood. I wanted to make sure they were covered while I was traveling the world. It was super stimulating to have home insurance. “

I asked Scott what farewell words she wanted to leave readers. She said, “We all have a great capacity for growth, and the more I know, I hope to grow and share with others so that they can enjoy the life given to them to have a peaceful existence.”

As usual, Mrs. Jill Scott from North Philly, shares words of wisdom and brings some sexy to the insurance.

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