November 23, 2022
  • November 23, 2022

LG will cover 100% of workers’ health insurance

By on October 12, 2022 0

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — As the need for workers continues, a vehicle battery manufacturing plant in the Netherlands is offering a major incentive.

LG Energy Solutions announced that beginning in January, it will offer 100% of employee medical, dental and vision benefits. The company says it will be among the less than 5% of employers in the United States that offer this incentive.

Depending on the plan they choose, the incentive could put up to $2,400 back into an employee’s pocket.

“At first…I didn’t believe it. I had to read it again,” said Shellie Ritsema, deputy environmental manager at LG Energy Solution. “I started going through my head like what can I do with this extra money?”

Help request signs have become more advocacy than notification for local businesses. LG is no exception.

They hope the incentive will not only help retain current employees at the plant, but also attract the workers they need for the expansion currently under construction at the Dutch plant.

“By 2025 we will be producing batteries there and that’s another 1,200 people and that’s on top of the 1,500 people here in Holland. So we’re definitely looking for employees,” said Val Gent, communications manager from LG Energy Solutions.

According to LG Energy Solution, less than 5% of employers in the United States offer to cover 100% of an employee’s medical coverage.

“We believe in investing in the future of our employees and their families. So we think it’s just a great benefit for our employees and we think it will be great for the business as well,” Gent said.

Ritsema finally figured out how much money she would save and where the money will go.

“About $262 for me. So it’s a big deal, per paycheck,” Ritsema said. “Half a car payment, at least. My house will be paid for in July next year, so a little extra money for that principal. “

The company is already offering the same contract to work at its Hazel Park and Troy facilities in the east of the state.

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