August 5, 2022
  • August 5, 2022

Not insured? Apply for Medicare Through Pennie Before Sunday | Life

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania state government commemorated the second anniversary of Penny, the Pennsylvania State Health Scholarship. More than 335,000 patients have signed up for coverage through Pennie, and with funding from the US bailout, average post-subsidy premiums have halved since the start of 2021, bringing the new average to $ 86 per month.

Pennie was created by Law 42 of 2019, which was passed unanimously by the General Assembly and received final approval on July 2, 2019.

The unique opportunity created by the COVID-19 enrollment period and the implementation of the US bailout has increased and broadened savings through Pennie, creating a path to affordable coverage and financial protection for more Pennsylvanians . Pennie’s top priority is to connect Pennsylvanians to affordable, quality health coverage; and there has never been a better opportunity to do it, ”said Jessica Altman, commissioner of the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. “We strongly encourage any uninsured person to apply via Pennie by Sunday deadline. “

“As a state-based exchange, we now have the flexibility and autonomy to meet the specific needs of Pennsylvanians,” said Pennie Executive Director Zachary W. Sherman.

Anyone seeking health coverage is encouraged to visit and register today for savings in 2021 throughout the COVID-19 registration period. If you don’t apply by the August 15 deadline, you may have to wait for Pennie’s next open enrollment period, which begins November 1 for 2022 coverage.

Since the registration period began on February 15, more than 60,000 new Pennsylvanians have signed up for coverage through Pennie. Currently, about 90 percent of Pennie’s approximately 335,000 current users are receiving financial assistance, and the amount of financial assistance available has increased by $ 49 million per month.

After the special COVID-19 enrollment period is over, Pennsylvanians will still be able to access coverage through Pennie if they experience significant life changes that may qualify them for a special enrollment period at any time of the year. . Any Pennsylvanians currently receiving a fully subsidized COBRA premium, another benefit of the US bailout that ends in September, will also be eligible to transition to coverage on Pennie once that subsidy ends.

“This program has delivered on the promises we made to the Pennsylvanians two years ago,” said House Speaker Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster). “Hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors are spending less to get the coverage they need. It’s a success story that doesn’t choose party lines and that every Pennsylvanian can be proud of. “

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