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Outstation Emergency Coverage In Car Insurance: What Is It And How Good Is It?

By on August 26, 2022 0

By Rakesh Goyal, Director of Insurance Broker Probus

Traveling on weekends with family or friends, taking time out of the office to relax somewhere nearby for a day or two, or having the week off for a little road trip are some of the best ways to break the monotony. of your daily life. routine and relieve you of all the daily hassles.

However, as it is rightly said, nothing is predictable in life, likewise things don’t always turn out the way you planned or would like them to. While you are traveling in an unfamiliar terrain or in an unfamiliar region, you may encounter any kind of unexpected occurrence such as an accident, car crash, etc.

In such situations, it becomes extremely difficult to find the required medical assistance or any other needed help. That said, not having enough money would be the worst situation one could be in at that time. That’s where the Outstation Emergency Blanket comes to the rescue.

Now let’s understand what exactly an Outstation emergency blanket is:

Outstation emergency coverage is additional coverage to your comprehensive car insurance plan and helps the insured in the event of a car breakdown or car accident. This plan is very useful to save you additional expenses that could incur if an accident occurs during your layover travel.

To understand how this coverage works, let’s take an example. Suppose Priya asked for a day off on Friday and plans to go to Alibaug for a long weekend with her friends from college. She decides to drive to the place. On the way back from the trip, they have a minor accident in which his car suffers extensive damage. She has her car repaired at the repair shop closest to the scene of the accident. Since Priya had Outstation emergency coverage with her car insurance, she was able to report the accident to her insurer and get her car repair bill reimbursed without any hassle. Therefore, having such coverage can definitely serve as emergency assistance in a case like Priya’s.

Now that we know how this coverage works, let’s take a look at some of its key benefits:

Income security

This top-up coverage provides financial security in case of emergencies like disasters/car breakdowns while you’re away. Upon the occurrence of such accidents, the insured can inform the insurer and he can help it with the required process which is in accordance with the terms of the policy. In this way, you don’t need to spend extra pennies from your pocket during such a situation.

Network car parks

In India, many insurers have links with different car parks located across the country. These garages are called Network Garage and are auto repair shops that allow you to get your car repaired with a cashless payment option. You can fix your car by filing a digital claim even if you’re out of town with this coverage.

Facing unexpected problems in an unfamiliar place can be very terrifying. Also, when you plan to go to a remote station, it can be quite worrying not knowing how to find a nearby car shelter. In such cases, Remote Station Emergency Top-Up Cover gives you the peace of mind you need and lets you enjoy your trip worry-free.

Smooth repair process

Gone are the days when sudden car breakdowns or accidents would keep you from planning your trips. Emergency car repair is no longer a reason to cancel trips because you can get them immediately with this coverage. It can be difficult to find a repair place to maintain your car once you are outside. However, having outstation coverage in your car plan can help you get your car repaired at one of your insurer’s network garages without any hassle.

Other benefits

Other common benefits under the outstation cover include towing service, spare key arrangement, empty tank refill, provided start if battery dies, hotel accommodation just in case the repair of your vehicle takes longer, etc. Additionally, there are cashless claim options also available for outstation.


If you are going to attend a social event or mini trips or you have to travel for any other work, dealing with situations like accidents or car crashes might be the last thing you want to happen. . Therefore, outstation emergency coverage is ideal in such situations and is highly recommended, especially for people who regularly travel to cities to gain the required peace of mind while on the move. However, note that this additional coverage can only be purchased with stand-alone or comprehensive car plans and not with liability insurance plans.