July 3, 2022
  • July 3, 2022

Striking workers at CNH Industrial could lose company health insurance

By on May 11, 2022 0

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI — Striking workers at CNH Industrial in Mount Pleasant could lose their company’s health insurance coverage on Friday, United Auto Workers Local 180 said in a statement Saturday.

After CNH cut health insurance for strikers, the union said it would cover its members, according to the Journal Times report. For more, see The Journal Times.

“GM did the same during its strike and reversed course after the community backlash it received,” the union said via Facebook. “John Deere never even considered this tactic, but a multi-billion dollar company like CNH that looks like it cares about the well-being of its employees, well, you know the old adage, ‘Stocks talk. louder than words. “It’s time for our community to speak out and confront CNH!”

Workers are striking “so they can earn a decent living, retire with dignity, and establish fair work rules,” Chuck Browning, vice president and director of the UAW Farm Implements Department, said in a statement. release announcing the strike last week.

Governor Tony Evers has shown his support for striking union members in a statement posted to Twitter on Saturday, saying “Wisconsin depends on skilled workers like UAW members.”