September 23, 2022
  • September 23, 2022

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In various ways, technology has reshaped art. Suresh Kolla, CIO of Care Health Insurance, believes that creativity can also emerge from the technological realm.

He says, “When you create an app or project, start to see it being used across the organization, getting the results and serving the purpose it was designed for – that’s when you feel like an artist.”

Kolla adds, “It’s like a tandem of multiple systems interacting with each other. Even when you go to a portal and buy a font, you get a font within a minute, but in the back there’s five or six systems that interact in tandem to make the transaction happen, which is also a kind of art.”

Impact is key

Technology has always had an impact on Kolla. Having excelled in math and science, being an engineer came naturally. Moreover, his fascination with problem solving, puzzle solving and exploration immersed him in technology and allowed him to begin his inspiring journey.

Impact is key: Suresh Kolla, CIO, Care Health Insurance

Supported by his parents, he learned the importance of education and knowledge. He says: “My father was a botanist and a scientist, and my mother was a housewife. Watching them hustle and fight taught me a lot about the importance of hard work.

Although he is from Andhra Pradesh, he resided in several places and did his engineering at NIT Calicut. He got his first job at Tata Motors, which exposed him to a new culture. As a beginner, entering a workshop was daunting at first, but four years of experience working with Tata Motors laid the foundation for his future success.

Some of the main lessons it sets out are-

#Belief Capacity

“The ability to solve anything is necessary.” If you can get into things, you’ll be able to go back and approach things, and the sense of belonging and responsibility that one has to have in an environment like this is what I think hold me back again. Those first three or four years are what I believe helped me a lot in shaping my future career.”Suresh Kolla, CIO of Care Health Insurance

#Hustles lead to opportunity

Today, having established himself as a successful technology leader, he believes that beyond the challenges, there are always opportunities for everyone. What is essential is to seize these opportunities.” At every stage, even at the initial stage, also in my career opportunities – to get to the bottom of things, not to abandon the approach and to have a clear and focused orientation towards project management is what matters Most of the time we tend to fail because we don’t have the bigger picture in mind and break it down into small parts to get results. smaller parts within defined timeframes.

#Communicate the right way

“We have to keep the bigger picture in mind. How well we can communicate it to my team and stakeholders is what we want to be, and that’s how we’re going to approach it.”Suresh Kolla, CIO of Care Health Insurance

So, implementing all these lessons in his life, Kolla has accomplished more than ten years with Care Health Insurance. Having joined the organization in 2010, he completed his first completely new setup of technology, applications, infrastructure and security with the organization. Currently leading Care Health Insurance as CIO, he has made technology transformation a lifelong endeavor.

He says, “I think it’s like before. Activities and engagement with the team are increased, which gives me satisfaction. There’s not even a day when I can say there’s something new that I haven’t learned. It can come from my partner or my teammates, or it always motivates me and pushes me forward.”

Prioritizing is balancing

Always trying to reinvent herself in technology, Kolla believes that work-life balance can be achieved by setting priorities.

Impact is key: Suresh Kolla, CIO, Care Health Insurance

In addition, Kolla is grateful to his family for their support, which allows him to take time to watch movies or prepare breakfast for his children.

“To do justice to the role you play, you need a lot of support from the family if you are to do the job calmly. There are ups and downs, and this is the phase where the family comes in and settles down. To take advantage of my time, I want to drive around India with my children once everything is settled,” he comments.