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Tired of unaffordable health insurance? Mid Georgia Men Offer Mighty Well | To free

By on October 27, 2021 0

Monroe counties know well how unaffordable health insurance is for many families.

The average health insurance premium has skyrocketed to $ 21,000 per year for a typical family, according to the Kaiser Foundation. For many families in Monroe County, health insurance has overtaken the mortgage payment or rent as a family’s biggest monthly expense.

But finally, two men with Middle Georgia roots are giving families an affordable option called Mighty Well. That’s half the cost of most health insurance plans, but with better benefits, including no copayments and no deductibles.

“We’re helping families find a much better way to access health care,” said Mark Whitesides, a Gray native who helped launch Mighty Well with his business partner Scott Page, who lives near the border of Canada. Monroe-Bibb County.

“It’s one way to bring common sense back to healthcare,” Page said.

Already 365,000 families across the United States have joined Mighty Well because of its affordable premiums and exceptional benefits.

Whitesides said Mighty Well offers families the same type of benefits that auto insurance companies offer those with clean driving records.

“For a family or a business owner who wants to be a savvy buyer, this is an amazing plan,” Whitesides said.

Page found Mighty Well after his own family faced staggering health care bills. Page found that neither insurance companies nor Medicare or Medicaid pay roughly what he was billed.

“It’s misleading,” Whitesides said. “These gargantuan medical bills are inflated by 8 to 10 times the actual cost. We pull the curtain down and find out what it really costs.

For example, providers charge patients $ 23,000 for gallbladder surgery. Still, they usually end up settling for $ 6,500, Whitesides said.

Whitesides said Mighty Well provides its members with pricing transparency and a choice of suppliers.

“A lot of people find it refreshing,” Whitesides said. Mighty Well is good for families and good for providers, Whitesides said, noting they pay 3 times what Medicare pays for procedures. This is why they are able to offer the customers so many options, because the suppliers also love Mighty Well.

“It just works,” Whitesides said.

Mighty Well works best for people between the ages of 30 and 63. One of the reasons Mighty Well is able to offer such low premiums is that it does not cover expensive services that some find objectionable, such as abortions or sex reassignment surgery. These are things required for plans under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which has increased premiums even further. Whitesides said Obamacare created a healthcare bubble similar to federal intervention in the mortgage industry that led to the 2008-9 real estate crash.

Mighty Well gives people great coverage rather than the cumbersome insurance or government systems people hate.

“It’s like Chick-Fil-A heading to the post office,” Whitesides said. “We want to offer excellence. “

Mighty Well offers its clients a wide range of providers without the limitations of traditional insurance networks. It also gives clients unlimited access to doctors via the Internet, tele-docs, so patients do not have to leave their homes to speak to a doctor.

Unlike traditional insurance, there are also no state restrictions that punish clients who see doctors out of state, Whitesides said.

Whitesides said Mighty Well may be the biggest innovation in healthcare since the inception of the popular Medi-Share program, a Christian ministry that helps people share their medical bills. But Mighty Well is different in that it is real insurance. And that’s one of the reasons Mighty Well is growing in popularity. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, former presidential candidate and magazine editor Steve Forbes and even “Good Morning America” ​​have become advocates for Mighty Well as a shining example of healthcare. market that cuts costs while providing good coverage.

To see how Mighty Well can save your family money, visit www.getmightywell.com, or call Scott Page at 478-803-2151 or email him at [email protected]