November 23, 2022
  • November 23, 2022

Traveler Auto Insurance Review – Forbes Advisor

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Traveler Car Insurance Rate Comparison for Good Drivers

Travelers has average car insurance rates for good drivers compared to top competitors. Safe drivers are eligible for a Voyageurs discount if they have no accidents, violations or major aggregate claims in the household for three to five years. If you’re shopping for a policy and have a good driving record, it’s wise to ask insurers about good driver discounts and other ways your good record can help lower your rates.

Comparison of traveler car insurance rates for drivers with a speeding ticket

You can expect higher car insurance rates at renewal if you get a speeding ticket, but the actual increase varies by company. The average passenger fare for someone with a clean driving record who gets a speeding ticket increases by almost $400. Getting a speeding ticket probably won’t raise your premiums as much as other offenses, like a DUI, but you can always shop around to see if you can find a cheaper insurance policy.

Comparison of traveler auto insurance rates for drivers who have caused an accident with injury

Travelers have better rates than many competitors when it comes to drivers involved in an at-fault accident with injury. Only the State Farm average is cheaper, among the large companies surveyed. Travelers has three options if you want to make sure your premiums won’t increase after an accident:

  • Optional accident forgiveness.
  • The Responsible Driver Plan, which also includes forgiveness for minor offences.
  • The First Responsible Driver Plan, which combines the advantages of
  • Responsible Driver Plan and adds a declining deductible and total loss deductible waiver.

Traveler Auto Insurance Rate Comparison for Drivers with a DUI

Travelers has one of the cheapest average rates for drivers with a DUI compared to other major insurance companies we’ve reviewed. Only State Farm offers a lower average rate. The average traveler rate increase for a previously good driver with a DUI ($715) is much lower than other insurers.

If you have a recent DUI and are looking for a police, State Farm and Travelers are two you should have on your quote list.

Traveler Car Insurance Rate Comparison for Drivers with Low Credit

Only Geico has lower average rates for drivers with bad credit than travelers. Insurance companies generally prefer drivers with good credit because insurers believe that someone with credit problems is more likely to file claims. California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan do not allow this practice, and some insurers place little or no emphasis on a person’s credit.

Traveler Car Insurance Rate Comparison for Adding a Teen Driver

Having a teenager can be expensive, even before they reach college. One coming of age event that will hit your wallet hard is adding a teenager to your insurance policy.

Travelers have one of the highest rate increases for putting a teenager on a parent policy. One way to defend this rate hike is to delay your teen’s drive. Delaying your teen’s driving for a year or two can lead to lower rates once they get behind the wheel because they’re a bit older. Otherwise, you can make sure to maximize your policy discounts for things like a good student and/or low mileage, and check with your insurer to see if they offer a lower rate if the teen is attending a class. of safe driving.

Comparison of traveler car insurance rates for young drivers aged 18-25

Adding a teen driver to your Travelers policy raises your rates to nearly $3,000 on average, but the good news is that drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 typically pay less when they take out their own policy. Only Geico has cheaper average fares for young drivers than travelers. Kids attending college away from home and leaving their cars behind should also make sure to get “student absent at school” discounts and low mileage discounts when available.

Traveler Auto Insurance Rate Comparison for Drivers Age 65 and Older

Travelers is in the middle of the average rates for senior drivers among the main competitors. Senior drivers buying auto insurance should ask their insurance agent if they offer discounts to senior drivers taking road safety courses. Also, be sure to maximize discounts, such as bundling multiple policies with the same insurance company.