November 23, 2022
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Trusted health insurance in Spain with Bsure Insurance Brokers

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Taking care of our health is always essential, but the recent Covid pandemic and the problems experienced by expats in accessing healthcare in Spain after Brexit has made this even more important in the lives of many people. For expats in Spain and those wishing to obtain their visa, health insurance is also essential, this is where trusted health insurance providers Bsure Insurance Brokers are able to offer assistance and advice on experts.

The English and Spanish speaking specialists at Bsure Insurance Brokers have over 30 years of experience in the expatriate health insurance market. With an office based in Marbella, Malaga, they also operate throughout Spain, and their extensive knowledge and experience means you will have peace of mind that they will find the right policy for you and your family. In addition, Bsure Insurance is also registered with the Spanish financial authorities (the DGSFP) and has access to the entire insurance market.

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Types of health insurance available with Bsure insurance brokers

The team prides itself on giving personal, unbiased and honest advice to its clients, delivering the best policy for their lifestyle.

Bsure Insurance can help you with national and international plans, family plans, plans for the over 65s and 70s, plans for prerequisites and the right plan to join to obtain your residency in Spain.

How health insurance with Bsure insurance brokers can help you obtain residency in Spain

Following Brexit, your visa application now requires that you have health insurance to become a temporary or permanent resident in Spain. Bsure Insurance brokers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in helping people obtain health insurance to comply with visa applications, including the increasingly popular non-profit visa. It’s one less thing to worry about!

Student visa health insurance with Bsure Insurance

As an international student planning to study in Spain, proof of health insurance cover in the amount of €30,000 is required for your visa application – This does not include EU citizens, however It is always recommended to have private health insurance to be on the safe side.

The Bsure Insurance team will find the best policy for your entire stay, matching you with the policy and company that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Health insurance for young families with Bsure insurance brokers

Most companies give deep discounts on group and family policies. Discounts generally start with three people on the policy and include one or two adults and one or more children, however, the discount will increase as family members are added.

The recommended health insurance coverage for families living in Spain is unlimited hospitalization. Bsure knows the best companies that include discounts and do not limit hospital days per year.

Health insurance for the over 65s and 70s with Bsure insurance brokers

As you get older it is inevitable that the need for health cover will be greater, however, policies for the over 65s and over 70s are more expensive. There are many levels of coverage available to you that can be tailored to include only the health services you need, which will reduce the amount you pay on a monthly basis.

With private health cover for the over 60s, you can benefit from prompt consultation and treatment, access to doctors who speak your language, second opinions and free choice of doctor, cancer treatments, treatment at a private facility at a time that suits you best and much more.

All of the plans that Bsure Insurance offers its customers over the age of 65 cover unlimited hospitalization in Spain and including an excess on the policy can reduce the premium by up to 45%!

Insurance for major illnesses and prerequisites with Bsure insurance brokers

Bsure Insurance knows that some companies are better than others at accepting serious pre-existing medical conditions, and they will offer you the best company for your needs and any pre-conditions.

A prerequisite is any medical condition for which you have sought medical advice in the past and generally unless there has been an operation or you are taking medication you may not need disclose the condition. However, if you do not disclose the condition when applying for your insurance policy, you run the risk of the policy being voided – Bsure Insurance can help you with all your questions and concerns about this.

Bsure can offer you cover for critical illnesses including diabetes (type 1, type 2 and type 4), cancer, blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, heart operations and much more .

Learn more about Bsure insurance brokers

The Weekly Euro News spoke with the director of Bsure Insurance, David Bloomfield, to find out why they are the best company to get your health insurance as an expat in Spain.

  • What insurance do you specialize in?

We specialize in health, home, automobile, travel and professional liability insurance.

  • What health insurance companies do you use?

My father Philip Bloomfield started working with Medifiatc – a health mutual – in 1989. We continue to promote them because they are not focused on dividends to company shareholders. As a mutual company, it belongs to its policyholders. This means that the annual price increase is much lower than that of large companies that have high annual price increases.

Other insurers we use are DKV, Sanitas, Adeslas, Aegon and many more.

  • Why should expats choose Bsure for their insurance policies?

We have access to the entire insurance market and a dedicated claims handler you can call anytime, for your peace of mind.

We have 30 years of experience and offer customers the best prices and the flexibility on renewals to change companies for better rates or better coverage.

  • How can customers benefit from your insurance policy packs and what is the most popular pack?

It’s always best to have your health and travel insurance with the same broker as your car and home, as they will be your single point of contact for claims and questions. We offer various font sets that will save you time, stress and money.

  • Is it easy to make a claim with Bsure Insurance?

Our office’s dedicated claims handler has many years of experience and clients have access to us at all times, so filing a claim with us is very easy and efficient.

What Bsure Insurance Brokers customers say

“An experienced team with quick responses on all aspects of insurance in Spain. They offer competitive quotes. I recommend that you call them before doing business with other insurance brokers.

David Armstrong

“Bsure has been taking care of all my insurance for 12 years. During this time, I found them to be really professional, independent and responsive. I always felt that they were acting in my best interest when it came to advice and help.

Eric Priestly

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