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Union Assurance launches HEALTH 360, Sri Lanka’s most comprehensive health insurance

By on October 16, 2021 0

Union Assurance HEALTH 360 launched on October 13e as a health insurance solution that covers a wide range of health protection needs for the whole family. It offers benefits over three generations covering the spouse, children and parents of the insured with a multitude of benefits.

Union Assurance HEALTH 360 is designed to help consumers manage the growing cost of healthcare, especially given the unforeseen nature of a family’s healthcare needs. With a HEALTH 360 solution, consumers now have the freedom to get the best treatment for themselves and their loved ones, without restraint due to the limits of affordability.

Commenting on the launch of HEALTH 360, Jude Gomes, CEO of Union Assurance, said: “Your family is your most precious possession. No amount of money or goods can replace their well-being. Today we are faced with many health issues which make it increasingly unpredictable and difficult to manage the health and well-being of our families without support. We are in a time when 83% of Sri Lankans suffer from noncommunicable diseases, of which 35% are related to the heart. 4.7 million people are hospitalized each year, and more than 25,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Such expenses can take a serious toll on a person’s savings. A good health protection plan like HEALTH 360 gives you access to the best treatment, locally and abroad, giving you a reliable safety net when you need it most.

Union Assurance HEALTH 360, offers consumers the ease of a one-stop solution for the health needs of the whole family with comprehensive coverage for hospital expenses, surgery, medications, maternity services, physicians, dental and optical services, etc. It offers the highest age limit for a rider covering up to 75 years, with a coverage limit of up to Rs. 60 million per year. HEALTH 360 offers unique integrated critical illness coverage, outpatient and Ayurvedic hospital coverage, including coverage for vaccinations and investigations.

Union Assurance is part of the John Keells Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest publicly traded conglomerates. It is among the most awarded insurance companies in Sri Lanka, completing more than three decades of success with a market capitalization of Rs. 16.6 billion, a life fund of Rs. 45.3 billion and a ratio of Rs. capital adequacy (CAR) of 300% in June 2021. In order to make the Sri Lankan dream come true, Union Assurance offers life insurance solutions that cover the needs of Sri Lankans in education, health, investment, protection and retirement. With 76 branches and over 3,000 employees, Union Assurance continues to invest in people, products and processes with a customer focus to be responsive to emerging changes in the life insurance industry.

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