November 23, 2022
  • November 23, 2022

Would your car insurance cover damage caused by superheroes?

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Saving the world takes sacrifices, that’s for sure. And let’s face it: max damage in comic book movies is fun to watch. But did Superman have aaaaave to sacrifice the car of this poor passerby?

If you’ve ever wondered what your ordinary life would be like if you were in a superhero movie, this is it. Determine if you could undo superhero battles over politics. Is it a bird? Is it an airplane?

No, it’s car insurance.

Car insurance coverage is very dependent on your provider and policy, with different tiers offering different levels of cover.

In Australia, the minimum level of cover is usually compulsory third party liability insurance (depending on where you live), which covers bodily injury to you or others when you are at fault in a car accident .

But that’s just the bare minimum. Other types of car insurance include:

Each policy will come with different inclusions and exclusions. Third-party damage insurance is a middle ground, while comprehensive car insurance tends to offer the most coverage for most incidents, with some customizations available through additional options such as catastrophe cover. natural or having multiple drivers on a single policy.

Whenever you compare car insurance quotes, be sure to read the terms and conditions so you know you have adequate coverage. That way, if you ever had to make a claim, you could receive the financial protection you need.

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So where do superheroes come in with all of this? Consider a few different scenarios.

Unfortunately, one-time damage, like parking shots or cracked windshields, are the most common types of damage. Although minimum coverage like CTP will not usually cover these incidents, full coverage usually will.

Like someone backing you up (or worse, hit-and-running), Spider-man landing on your car while rediscovering his powers, or Batman zooming on his bat-bike and polishing your rearview mirror, the more complete the policies should sort you out, based on your inclusions and extras. Otherwise, you may have to legally track down the culprit and involve the police.

(Can you imagine Commissioner Gordon chewing the dark knight over insurance? Of course we can!)

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This is where it gets extremely tricky. When your car is completely destroyed (“total loss” in insurance lingo), your coverage will highly depend on the circumstances and what is included in your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). So if Dr. Strange or Iron Man uses it as a personal shield, or if Thor hits him with lightning, you might not have the cover you think.

Firstly, to be eligible for replacement or any type of reimbursement in the event of a total loss, you will need to have a comprehensive policy in place. Depending on the policy and provider, you may also want to ensure that you have certain optional extras, such as renting a rental car in the event of an accident, to help with the transition period.

Second, suppliers usually only offer replacements if your car was purchased new and has only been driven for a certain amount of time OR under a certain distance limit (e.g. less than two years or less than 5,000 km, depending on the first eventuality). They can then place limits on the agreed market value of the original vehicle, although some approved claims will receive a full replacement of new for old.

So let’s say your car is decently new and you have adequate cover in place – but then Thor throws it at a supervillain. Will you have a replacement?

Again, it depends! Why did Thor throw your car away? As a general rule, “acts of God”, or completely unpreventable, irreproachable and abnormal accidents of nature, may be covered depending on the policy.

For example, many comprehensive policies provide coverage for bushfire, flood, storm, and hail damage. So if the Space Viking crashed your car in a fit of anger and you have good evidence, you’re in a good position to claim the damages.

But what if he led a destructive battle against aliens? Well, that’s a whole different matter.

And now we have reached the endgame. Unfortunately, world-ending disasters are a blanket ban on insurance in general, so if your car gets run over by Thanos or blown into space by another beam of sky, you’re out of luck.

This is because the volume and expense of all claims could not be managed by the provider at once.

Other non-claimable events include:

  • War
  • Invasion
  • Acts of foreign enemies
  • Civil War (sorry, Captain America)
  • Revolution
  • riots
  • insurgencies
  • Military coups
  • nuclear apocalypse.

While it’s a bummer to contemplate, at least we can be thankful that superheroes still save the world. (Just not our cars).

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